Welcome to Fizzmatix

This is my small section of the internet where I can just be myself and share the things I make. Over the years my portfolio has changed quite drastically from crazy abstract websites, so simplified themed websites. These changes came about from various projects I’ve worked on through college and the website reflected everything that was going on at that current time.

Since leaving school I’ve been working on various things more as a hobby than a serious profession. Since then this site has fallen to neglected and has rarely been updated over the past 10 years. I’m starting fresh with a new simple sleek design which will house any future projects I may be working on.

Currently the site is filled with photography, but I’ve worked on many things such as painting, sculptures, mixed media, manipulation and design. I’ve always had a rather abstract take on most of the things I do, so hopefully now I can take advantage of this space and share the things that interest me.