Hello there, I am Chris, or better known as “Fizzmatix” by the internet. You’ve obviously taken an interest in who I am, and what I do.

So lets begin, I’m an artist, creator, web designer, graphic designer and all round quiet person.

From a young age I’ve always been into either making a mess or creating things with my hands. I’ve gone through various art forms over the years, some of which you can see displayed on this website.

At the beginning through to my teen years I spent most of my creative energy on drawing, painting and doodling until I finished high school. I didn’t take any formal art classes until after I started higher education, which became my first real introduction on how to use various formal art styles.

After finishing my GNVQ I progressed on to the advanced formal art classes. I dropped out of this course and took a year off so I could figure out how I wanted to progress. A course based on writing, rather than the practical side of art didn’t appeal to me.

After a year off, I started a ND Design course at City of Bristol College in England. This was an experimental course which disbanded after the first year. This course taught me about design, layouts, illustration and a lot of fine art practices as well as video editing. I believe this course was merged into another fine art course as it didn’t fit in as it’s own standalone course.

During this course I found my love for photography. At this time film photography was still fairly common practice and cheap. So I obtained my first camera and fell in love with it. As I progressed, I moved onto HND Photography which taught me a lot of the practical skills which seem to be very uncommon by today’s standards.

At this time I also fell in love with digital photography along side practical dark room photography. I’ve always been fairly experimental, so trying out new mediums always appealed to me. Through the course I worked with various formats from 35mm film up to large format and various digital techniques and processes.

During this time I found myself a home at The Fleece and Firkin in Bristol. A Live venue where I became the house photographer for a short period. At this point my formal education came to an end and I spent my time looking through a camera in my spare time.

After school I found myself left to my own devices which resulted in a rather unproductive period where I’d take long breaks and do very little. But during this time I found my wonderful wife who also had very similar interests.

I have since left the UK and now reside in Texas where I spend my time creating odd artwork when I feel the urge. I started an independent gaming website “”. I’ve created various websites over the years since, continue to work in web design, and have slowly moved back into sculpture which can be found under the workshop section of the website.

Now that you’ve read through a very brief run down of my life, you probably feel like you don’t know too much more about who I really. But that’s okay, I like to keep my personal life to myself and share my creations. If you have any questions, you’re free to contact me above.

~ Chris
Avid creative and maker of things.